New hair, same enthusiastic me

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. You know the scary thing about this Wednesday? This Wednesday marks almost of a week since I’ve moved out of my apartment in Cambridge. I have a place to stay until I find my own apartment, but I’ve come to the realization that I’m in this interesting in between that I’ve never experienced in my life thus far. There are so many moving pieces, so many different things that I have to accomplish to put myself back into a more concrete situation. Like go to an open house at a possible apartment tonight and charm the pants off everyone so that I end up first on their list. Is that even a thing? Do people make lists and think “gee, I’m going to help this person over this person”? I would probably go for the person (or people) who seem the most interested, a first come first serve type deal. That seems like the fair way to do it.

Though I should include a before picture, remember the red comes from pure Henna (the same stuff they use for henna tattoos)
Thought I should include a before picture, remember the red comes from pure Henna (the same stuff they use for henna tattoos)

In other news, I officially have no more henna in my hair. I wasn’t blogging back then (this is after all my third post), but back in October 2014 I decided that my blonde hair had bleached itself funny from all the swimming I do and I should dye my hair. I was always thinking of going red once I came to this conclusion, but after wondering around my local CVS I decided I was unfit to pick a dye and needed to look into the projects via research. I love research, none got done however. Later that same day I ended up at a friend’s house and made the offhand comment that I was jealous about how well her hair had taken to the red dye she had used. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I had this gunk in my hair (henna powder, water, lemon and almond oil?) that smelled very earthy crunchy and a shower cap on my head. Did you know you have to sit with henna in your hair for 3 hours? That’s a really long time, but at least it didn’t itch and there was a lot of board games during the waiting period. After it was all over and the henna was washed out my hair was neon orange, it took a week to settle into the beautiful red that I came to love. For about a month and a half, then I cut my hair off (see picture) because I loved Snow from Once Upon a Time’s haircut and decided to stop dying it. The color was awesome, it was the 3 hours of sitting with gunk in my hair and then the two days of not washing and then the week and a half of orange. Henna is awesome guys, if you never ever ever want to change your hair color ever again.

Fun Fact: I can make this color look blonde with an instagram filter
Fun Fact: I can make this color look blonde with an instagram filter

I got it out though! I’m free from the constraints of never being able to dye my hair and it only took about 4 hours with a family friend in her salon. And probably another 4 the night before, but I feel like my own attempt that resulted in light bulb yellow shouldn’t count. I am now rocking lavender-gray hair, and I’m loving every second of it. It makes my yellow eyes pop, but mostly I just feel like it’s me. I am a pixie rocking lavender hair person. New glasses too, trying to figure out how I feel about them. They came in from Glasses USA and were on sale! Literally got them for the price of a new sundress. Why do I feel like I’m going to start a collection?

As for my knitting, I’ve started the sleeve to the sweater I posted the other day. I’d love to finish at least the sleeves this week and get them attached to the body of the sweater, then finish the yoke mid-week next week. The hard part is over? Or at least the 2 intimidating 78 stitch 72 row charts. Mostly I’m ready to cast on something new and make sure the sweater fits the intended. I’m thinking a hat next, probably one that’s a little on the mindless side.

Have you ever done anything risky with your hair? Dyed it any wild colors? This was only my second time dying it, any suggestions on what to do next?


My most intimidating project… thus far

image1_1__medium2I learned how to knit with two hands back in the fall, apparently that’s the most important thing to do if you’re going to attempt color work. One strand per hand, two in your right if you’re bold and you’re trying to knit with more than two colors. The mittens I made came out pretty good, a little small though. Like… the adult size mittens would fit an eight year old if I’m lucky. I swear I checked my gauge, but I also think I was influenced by my teacher to go for the smaller needles so that the fabric would be tight. I think they would have fit better if I used a US 4 or 5 instead of my 2, but I’m just happy that I was able to make the mittens.

The pattern (known as fiddlehead on ravelry if you’re interested) was forgiving to my fumbling left hand and didn’t require much in the world of floats. Actually I don’t think I used any floats, pretty sure I had to look up how to create floats when I started this project.

The color work project I’m working on, however, is not the forgiving simple pattern that my mittens were. Not to mention, the pattern was crazy expensive because of it’s fancy charts. The pattern, known as the Embrace Octopus Sweater, has been haunting my dreams since the end of May. Some days I don’t even knit the sweater, I just spend time staring at the charts and breathing deeply. All things are knit one stitch at a time, so why couldn’t I get past the intricate color work that was required for this octopus? There were days I tried to start other projects but couldn’t bring myself to because I felt like I was cheating on the sweater. Cheating. On a sweater. Ridiculous. But that’s how I felt, I felt like if I wasn’t working on the sweater, knitting row after row like a machine, then I shouldn’t be knitting. I think I’ve gone a week this month without knitting just so I wouldn’t have to look at the octopus chart or feel like I was cheating. Cheating. On a sweater. I think I’m going crazy.

But today, it finally happened. I finished the body of the sweater and finally put away the first two charts. The main two charts,11707483_10153045897710897_2201277114703853376_n the two charts that make up the bulk of the sweater. Sure, I knit for about seven hours today in order to do it, but it’s done. I can finally work on the quick parts and move on.  It will feel good to have another project to work on when this is all over (and I’ll post pictures when it’s all over), just don’t tell my sweater that I’ve been plotting my next project. I don’t want it to get jealous and work against me for the remainder of our time together.

Off to get back to my summer of knitting! What’s the most intense project that you’ve done so far? Do you like to challenge yourself or are you a knitter who prefers a mindless knit? Post your answers in the comments :]